Experience  the best Australian Dive Sites


Australia is well renowned for its variety of dive sites  locations as they offer diverse diving adventures.

Among the most common dive sites in Australia include diving the Great Barrier Reef— the largest reef system in the world.

Other well known diving trips include the kelp forests of Tasmania.

You can explore wreckages, shark dive and much more when diving in Australia.

No matter your skill level, diving trips in Australia have something for everybody.


The Great Barrier Reef

If you’re looking for an unmatched diving trip, you have to explore the Great Barrier Reef.

This reef system is so vast that it can even be seen from space.

You’ll see everything when diving the Great Barrier Reef– from sea life to ship wreckages.

The Great Barrier Reef is full of vibrant adventure that can’t be found anywhere else, no matter if you’re scuba diving, snorkeling or cage diving.



Australia is surrounded by many islands, offering an abundance of diving opportunities.

Lizard Island is rated as one of the best dive trips in Australia as it’s basically untouched.

Here, you’ll be able to dive the northern part of the Great Barrier Reef, Cod Hole and see everything from manta rays to giant clams.

Heron Island is on the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef and listed on the World-Heritage.

It’s a prime dive spot in Queensland as there’s more than 30 dive locations to choose from, including Coral Cascades and Heron Boomie.

You’ll be able to see Moray eels, turtles, octopus and even Wobbegong sharks.   Christmas Island is considered to be an undiscovered treasure with a magical selection of marine life. Elaborate cliffs and caves make it the ideal location for wall diving. In the deep water, you’ll see tuna, white tip reef sharks, red crabs and more.

Kangaroo Island offers a beautiful array of sea creatures than what’s typically found up North.

You’ll see the leafy sea dragon, seals, Blue Devils and Boarfish, among many others. Plus, there are many shipwrecks to explore.



When diving in Australia, you can also explore the wreckages below the water’s surface. One of the top wreckage dives is the Yongala Shipwreck, which sank during a cyclone in 1911.

This enchanted shipwreck offers vibrant corals, several different species of marine life, and the wreckage that took the life of 122 people.   The list of dive trips in Australia is nearly limitless.

No matter the time of year or skill level, diving trips in Australia have something everyone will love. You’ll get to experience the underwater world up close while diving in Australia!

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