If you like adventure and large fish, a Coral Sea scuba dive trip is the thing for you. Located just a short distance from the Great Barrier Reef, the Coral Sea is perfect for exploring isolated and complex reef systems, including Osprey Reef and Holmes Reef. The Coral Sea is well known for top scuba diving in Australia as visibility in the area is pristine. As you dive the open ocean waters, you’ll see large pelagic fish, tuna, barracuda, sharks and much more. There are many areas in the Coral Sea that are accustom to reef sharks, potato cod and a few species of whale– providing you a scuba diving experience you’ll never forget.

The wide diversity of marine life you’ll find with Coral Sea scuba diving aren’t the only attraction. You’ll also see a combination of reefs to explore, such as wall dives, soft corals and reef flats. There’s also ancient undersea mountains rising from the ocean floor that host an abundance of sea life you won’t find anywhere else.

When Coral Sea scuba diving, you’ll come nose-to-fin with rare sea creatures like the Nautilus, Lacey Scorpion fish and gorgonian fans. Plus, you’ll also find grey whalers, white tip reef sharks, hammerheads, barracuda, manta rays, big eye trevally and mackerel. The massive corals that engulf the area and the marine life can be seen clearly in their natural environment as the blue waters are well known for ideal visibility, so you won’t miss a thing when on a Coral Sea dive.

With many scuba dive locations in the Coral Sea, you’ll see for yourself why the area is a highly sought after dive destination. Among the top diving destinations in the Coral Sea is the Osprey Reef, which is the most famous reef system of the Coral Sea. Here, you can explore sheer walls and large schools of fish while swimming in an area that’s well renowned for its thriving shark population. This thrilling scuba dive location is also home to grey whalers, hammerheads and manta rays. Osprey Reef boasts the world’s largest and most colorful soft corals that will leave you breathless.

Due to the depth and vastness of the Coral Sea, it’s often recommended only experienced divers take part in Coral Sea scuba dive trips; however, there are some areas that are ideal for snorkelers and beginner divers. To make the most of your Coral Sea scuba diving experience, you’ll want to explore the sea from as far down as possible, so make sure you’re an experienced scuba diver before you head to the Coral Sea.

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