Ningaloo Reef is a top diving destination as it’s the world’s largest fringing reef with many great places to explore that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Listed on the World Heritage list for it’s incredible biodiversity, Ningaloo offers easy access to large coral, some of the largest fish in the ocean and whale shark. There’s an abundance of marine life in the water’s of Ningaloo, making it one of the best dive trips locations in the world. Ningaloo reef diving is perfect for beginners and experienced divers. When diving Ningaloo reef, you can explore caves and walls, while swimming through stunning corals.

When diving Ningaloo reef, you’ll be able to explore more than 300 varieties of coral, over 500 species of fish, manta rays, turtles, whale sharks and many more. You’ll swim with some of the world’s largest fish as you dive into the water. If you visit Ningaloo reef from June to November, you’ll also see Humpback whales as they migrate– perfect for whale watching enthusiasts. During January to February, you’ll be able to see nesting turtles during the hatching season– an opportunity few get the chance to see.

No matter your diving experience level, Ningaloo reef diving offers something for everyone, including swimming with whale sharks. As you explore the beauty of the reef, you’ll be able to swim next to the graceful and gentle whale sharks as they glide through the water. You’ll also be able to swim with Humpback whales and their calves, a variety of sea turtles, dolphins, manta rays and dugongs.

There are many locations in close proximity to Ningaloo reef that offer even more adventure. Dive the deserted Muiron Islands to swim with giant cod, explore coral caves and swim with large schools of fish.

You can also head over to Exmouth Navy Pier to see marine creatures large and small in nature’s own aquarium. Swim with moray eels, nudibranches and giant cod, as well as the many other marine creatures that call the water’s of Exmouth Navy Pier home. Exmouth Navy Pier is rated among the top 10 dive locations in the world!

If you’re looking to take one of the best dive trips in the world, head to Ningaloo reef, where you’ll experience nature at its best. Ningaloo reef diving offers the ideal adventure that can’t be matched anywhere else in the world!

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