Just a few hundred meters off the shore of South East Queensland are a few of the best scuba diving locations in the area at North Stradbroke Island. Whether you’re snorkeling or scuba diving at Stradbroke Island, you’ll observe an array of sea life, including reef systems, whales, dolphins, turtles, manta rays and hundreds of fish. Certification is needed if you plan to dive in open water, but even if you’re a beginner you can still take specialty diving courses to explore the beautiful underwater world below.

There’s an abundance of diving locations on North Stradbroke Islands, including Flat Rock. The flat rock structure offers numerous diving sites with pristine water and drop offs. During the summer months, you’ll commonly see shovelnose guitar fish and leopard sharps, while grey nurse sharks can be seen in the winter.

No matter which diving location you explore at Flat Rock, the diving experience won’t disappoint you. Diving at Nursery, Flat Rock will allow you to see large schools of banner fish, manta rays, turtles and Wobbegong. As the shallowest of the diving locations, you’ll be able to explore large boulders to witness marine creatures in their natural environment.

Diving at Shark Alley, Flat Rock during the winter will give you a thrilling experience as you’ll swim with grey nurse sharks. However, if you head to Turtle Caves, Flat Rock, you’ll explore small caves homing turtles and large Wobbegong. This deeper scuba diving location allows you to swim with bull rays and pygmy manta rays.

The Flat Rock scuba diving locations aren’t the only areas you can dive at Stradbroke Island. During the summer months, head to Manta Boomie, an open water diving experience. You’ll see giant manta rays, leopard sharks, shovelnose sharks, guitarfish, eagle rays, bull rays and much more. It’s the ideal location for diving with large fish and a spectacular diving site to appreciate marine life.

Another prime diving location in North Stradbroke Island is Shag Rock, where octopus, angelfish, eagle ray, bat fish, fusiliers, pomfrets and porcupine fish roam the water. Depths of Shag Rock vary from shallow to deep so you’ll be able to dive no matter your experience level. You’ll be surrounded by marine life, including nudibranches and anemones.

North Stradbroke Island is the perfect place to take a trip to explore the world below the water’s surface. With many snorkeling and scuba diving locations, you’re sure to find an opportunity for adventure that’s right for you.

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