The World’s Largest living thing, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef 

Great Barrier Reef
Aerial of Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is not only one of the most popular scuba diving locations in Australia, but in the world as well.

The Great Barrier Reef is known for its rich and vibrant marine life and numerous scuba dive locations.

The Great Barrier Reef dive trips allow you to explore the largest coral reef system in the world, wreckage’s, islands, caves and even cage dive with sharks. Great Barrier Reef diving is unlike scuba diving anywhere else in the world as you’ll experience marine heritage and beauty that can’t be matched.

The Great Barrier Reef is on the top of many scuba diving enthusiasts “must dive” lists and for good reasons.

As the largest coral reef system in the world, you’ll see an array of marine life that call the reef home.

Great Barrier Reef
Green Sea Turtle

The Great Barrier Reef dive trips allow you to visit the breeding ground of 6 species of turtles, whales, dolphins, porpoises, more than 400 species of coral and much more.

There is no shortage of marine life at the Great Barrier Reef as there are 125 recorded species of shark and stingray lurking in the reef.

While experiencing the Great Barrier Reef diving, you’ll also be surrounded by giant clams, seahorses, clownish and so much more!

Not only is the marine life one of the largest attractions for scuba divers, but the wreckage’s and islands as well.

Whether you’re scuba diving or liveaboard diving at the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll be able to explore the mystery of many shipwrecks throughout the reef. Plus, the reef is full of beautiful islands.

You can dive at many of these islands for even more adventure that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Some of the top Great Barrier Reef dive trips take you to Ribbons Reef, Osprey Reef, Cod Hole and North Horn to explore the world below the water’s surface.

Whether you’re cage diving with sharks, cave diving or open water diving, each of these prime dive locations offer an experience you’ll never forget.

When diving the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll have a full access pass to explore the magic and mystery of this one of a kind reef system.

Take a liveaboard cruise, an open water dive or even a cage dive to become one with marine life at the best locations in the world.

The Great Barrier Reef dive trips are nearly unlimited as you’re able to seek adventure at one of the most sought after diving locations on the planet.