SS Yongala   

If you love diving and exploring, you’ll want to visit the SS Yongala Wreck off Australia’s coast.

Although there are many shipwrecks sYongala Shipcattered around Australia’s coastline, the SS Yongala Wreck is one of the top destinations for divers looking for something extra in their diving trip.

During a cyclone in 1911, the S.S. Yongala met an untimely fate as it sank off the coast of Townsville, Australia, taking all of its passengers with it. The vessel was posted as missing on March 26, 1911 but seven search vessels were unable to find the missing ship. The only trace of the sunken ship was bits of boards and a racehorse named Moonshine that eventually washed up on shore not far from Townsville. This steel and timber steamship found its final resting place in the middle of a sandy, flat shipping channel, where it was lost without a trace until it was finally discovered in 1958.

Although the SS Yongala Wreck is the only solid structure for miles, you can still explore the rudder, masts, engine, steam room, toilets, port-holes and more. Despite sinking, the ship remains intact with no evidence of an explosion or collision, leaving the unanswered question of just how the ship met it’s fate as the anchors remain hoisted. It’s the perfect wreckage for shipwreck diving enthusiasts.

This historic and luxury passenger wreckage is now a cultural landmark after being in the water for 100 years. As the wreckage is protected under the Historic Shipwrecks Act of 1976, divers aren’t permitted to enter the wreckage as it can result in damage, but that doesn’t take away from the mystery and magnificence of the SS Yongala Wreck.

The wreckage doesn’t just draw divers because it’s a sunken ship, but also because of the natural wonders that surround it too. The wreckage is now covered in brightly colored corals and sea fans. You’ll also witness large pelagics, sharks, barracuda and a variety of vibrant fish and other marine life.

Not only will you get to explore the historical SS Yongala Wreck in fairly shallow waters, but you’ll also get to seek adventure in the water of the Great Barrier Reef– which beauty can’t be matched anywhere else in the world. Whether you’re in the area for a diving trip or are a fan of shipwreck diving, the Yongala Wreck won’t leave you disappointed as it has become a piecee of history and a haven to vibrant and diverse marine life

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Titanic sank just over 1 year after the Yongala

              TITANIC                                                  SS YONGALA

Owner                     White Star Line                                                Adelaide Steamshi Company
Built                         Belfast, Ireland                                                Newcastle on Tyne, England
Cost                         7,500,000 Pounds                                           102,000 Pounds
Launched                1911                                                                 1903
Gross Tonnage       46328                                                               3664
Length                       882 feet                                                           350 feet
Breadth                     92feet                                                              46feet 3 inches
Funnels                     4                                                                       1
Engines                     3                                                                       1
Boilers                       29                                                                     5
Speed                       22 knots                                                            15 knots
Crew                         991                                                                    72
Passenger Capacity 3547                                                                  240
Marconi Radio           2                                                                       nil (one about to be fitted)

Fate                           Sunk by Iceberg                                               Sunk by cyclone
Date of sinking          12/04/1912                                                       23/03/1911
Conditions                CALM                                                                EXTREME STORM
                      Saved/Drowned                                                  Saved/Drowned
First Class                199/329 60.50%                                                  0/30 0%
Second Class           119/285 41.70%                                                  0/19 0%
Third Class              174/710 24.50%                                                   N/A
Crew                        214/991 23.80%                                                   0/72 0%
Total                         706/2223 31.80%                                                0/121 0%
Bodies Found          333                                                                      nil (one racehorse)
Depth of Wreck       12500 feet (3810m)                                             100 feet (30.5m)
Sonar Discovery      1985                                                                    1947
First Visited              1986                                                                    1958
Protected                 No                                                                        Yes – Historic Shipwrecks Act