Breaking Patches is exclusive to Reef Experience, Reef Encounter and Compass Cruises

Breaking Patches is a shallow reef only 16 metres maximum depth, Breaking Patches is a sea of hard and soft coral including Staghorn coral, Black Coral Trees and Sea Fans. Sensational diving and snorkeling, home to many angelfish, lion fish and parrot fish.

An exciting fact for Reef Experience, Reef Encounter and Compass Cruises guests is that Breaking Patches is a breeding ground for the common green turtle and hawks bill turtles alike and its a very rare day when guests don’t get up close and personal with Green sea turtles.

Sea Christmas tree worms, anemone, clown-fish and butterfly fish are spread throughout the plethora of plate and fan coral which make up the majority of the shallowest Breaking Patches reef areas.

There are swim throughs and over hangs that lead right down to the sandy floor where explorers will find sea cucumbers eating their way around.

Attraction Features