One of the best advanced coral reefs to explore in Australia is Bait Reef. Bait Reef is well known for it’s spectacular locations along the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef system in Australia and the world. Bait Reef is an oasis for viewing a vast array of marine life, including manta rays, turtles and hundreds of fish. This reef is among the most highly sought after coral reef dives in Australia.

Located on the Outer Great Barrier Reef, Bait Reef is a renowned destination off the East Coast of Australia for snorkeling and diving. It’s a haven for tropical marine life and coral gardens. As the number of vessels that visit this area are limited, it’s a pristine and secluded diving destination. As Bait Reef is protected by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, the diving destination has a thriving and diverse marine life with many vibrant corals.

Bait Reef offers the perfect opportunity to explore as you’ll find many underwater canyons, swim throughs, coral gardens and dramatic walls. You’ll have a wide range of terrain and marine life to explore. If you’re not an avid scuba diver, there are many shallow gardens snorkelors can discover for an unforgettable experience. This coral reef in Australia is perfect for diving trips as it offers year long prime visibility, temperatures, marine life and more. No matter what time of year you visit, you’re able to explore a series of pinnacles that are abundant with fish, caverns and channels.

Despite your diving experience level, Bait Reef offers something for everyone- even snorkelors. The reef hosts many shallow lagoons and coral gardens, which are perfect for beginner divers and snorkelors. For the more experienced diver, explore underwater caves, swim throughs and more in the open water. No mater your preference or diving background, Bait Reef offers adventure you’ll never forget!

Not only is this coral reef in Australia well known for diving, but also for underwater photography opportunities. As you dive with the marine life, you’ll be able to snap photos of the reef’s inhabitants, including Pineapple fish, Lionfish, anglerfish and molluscs. You’ll also swim with nudibranches, schools of squid, Humpback whale, fiddler rays and much more. Get up close and personal in the water of Bait Reef with shovel nose sharks, eels, cuttlefish and large black sting rays.

There’s a reason Bait Reef is listed as one of the best diving locations in Australia. Find out for yourself why this coral reef in Australia is among the best!

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