MV Reef Encounter Exclusive VIP Top Deck Club Service

Top Deck Club-dive trips

The MV Reef Encounter is more than just another Liveaboard dive vessel on the Great Barrier Reef. The size of a Mega-yacht with twenty-one luxurious staterooms many of the vessel’s previous guest consider her more as a luxury boutique hotel than a dive vessel. It is not uncommon for the guest to have a memory lapse and forget they are not on the yacht of a multimillionaire.

Most of the top hotels and exclusive boutique hotels in the world provide concierge and butler service to their very special guest. We thought about doing that, but felt the white gloves and tux would not fit in with the dive deck and the relaxed elegance of the Great Barrier Reef. In the days of the great ocean liners the top deck was the most elegant with personalized service. Our top deck club borrows some traits from that by gone era, exclusive hotels and our own expectations of service to create our own VIP program, the Top Deck Club. The central point of the Top Deck Program is that you will have one of out staff members dedicated to looking after your needs and making sure that the experience is the best it can be.

The service starts before you even arrive at the MV Reef Encounter at the dock of the MV Reef Experience, the vessel that we use as our transfer service out to the outer reef. Upon your arrival at the dock you will be given priority boarding and taken to the Captains wheel house.  As the vessel prepares to get underway, breakfast will be served to you in the Wheelhouse. For the ninety or so minutes it will take to reach the MV Reef Encounter you are free to stay with the captain and officers in the comfortable wheelhouse or explore the rest of the boat as you wish. Upon arrival of the MV Reef Encounter, your dedicated crew member will introduce themselves and escort you directly to your stateroom. This dedicated crew member will be a dive professional and will be your private guide on the reefs. They will tailor the in water experience to meet what matters the most to you. On-board they are a combination butler and concierge. They will look after your needs just like a fine butler would, but without the stiffness and white gloves, and have the answers to all your questions and make any arrangements you need as a personal concierge would.

On the MV Reef Encounter all meals are included, as a Top Deck Club guest you have the option of joining the other guest in the dining room or having the chef prepare something especially for you to be served in your stateroom or as a romantic setting under the stars. Enjoy complementary champagne with your dinner. (Guest who choice not to partake of any in water activities during the day can have the champagne upon arrival). Top Deck Club guest also can enjoy a complementary cocktail at sunset or after the night dive.

Mornings on the MV Reef Encounter starts with an early wake up call and a sunrise water activity. Your crew member will start the day with you and again be your guide on the reef. Breakfast is your choice of the buffet in the dining area or a personally prepared plated breakfast served privately. On the last day of their stay an MV Reef Encounter guest should vacate their rooms after breakfast so that the staterooms can be prepared for incoming guest.  Top Deck Guest can enjoy their stateroom up until the time to board the MV Reef Experience for the transfer back to Cairns. Guest are once again escorted to the wheel house where this time a cheese and fruit platter and a glass of champagne are waiting to close the vacation on the proper note.

The Top Deck club is available with any of our programs, including our resort dive, open water training, and specialty programs.